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Business Development

Many companies in this weakening economy are fighting the same battles with some barely surviving, resources spread too thin, sales slumping and unmotivated employees fearing the loss of their jobs. S&F´s Corporate Training Programmes provide the specific tools and step-by-step strategies needed to replace fear of the unknown with a success mindset and action steps for finding opportunities in the market place.

It is at this point where some training providers leave the customer to determine his own steps and find his own sales opportunities.

S&F is not just a classroom-based training provider. Following training we will work with your sales team in the field. Our aim is to build and implement a coordinated business development approach, using the intelligent application of proven marketing strategies specifically designed to deliver a steady flow of high quality pre-qualified business opportunities.

S&F won´t just tell you what to do. We´ll advise and support you to make the changes you need to develop and drive your business forward. We will be with you the whole journey. In effect we become your Partners In Business.

Take the first step - before we can offer business development advice and help you improve your business we need to really understand how you work. We will spend time getting to know you, uncovering your business´s strengths and weaknesses and understanding the unique challenges you face whilst developing your business.

For a no obligation, free of charge business review please contact Paul Browning on 01636 614016 to arrange a meeting.