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Paul Browning & Diane

Individual Coaching

S&F can also help individual clients determine and achieve personal goals.

It´s not only athletes who benefit from coaching. Our coaching services can dramatically help to improve the results that you are currently experiencing at work, at home, in relationships, your health and your financial destiny.

Our Coaches

Paul Selwyn Browning -

Diane Joan Browning -

Both Paul and Diane are Certified Life Success Consultants and have been trained by some of the world´s most renowned personal development experts.


How can coaching help?

Coaching can help you create better results in any of the following areas:

  • Goal setting and achieving
  • Leadership skills
  • Improved personal and professional relationships
  • Better health
  • Enhanced job performance and satisfaction
  • Removing fears
  • Generating more income
  • Overall personal development

Who needs coaching?

Everyone can benefit from coaching. Irrespective of race, religion, age, gender or occupation we all share an inherent desire deep inside of us to do our best. And in so doing we create for ourselves the rich and rewarding life we so desire.

Coaching can help transform your life, your business and your community. And one thing we know for sure when you do, the lives of those around you will change and the world will become just a little bit of a better place because you are in it.

How is the coaching programme structured?

  • An initial interview for 30-60 minutes, free of charge takes place to see if coaching is right for you and determine the right programme for you.
  • The minimum coaching arrangement is 10 weeks to ensure long-lasting results are achieved.
  • Weekly one-hour coaching sessions take place with your assigned coach. These sessions can be held via telephone to save you time.
  • You will be given work assignments in between sessions and you will be encouraged to engage in this process in order to derive maximum benefits from your coaching programme.

Call Paul or Diane today to learn more about the programmes we offer and our fees. Phone 01636 614 016