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The Story of Stuart & Frank®

The Story of Stuart and Frank® is a book written by the author, Paul Browning, with the intent of delivering to the reader instructions on how to get the results that they really want in their life.

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About the book

The Story of Stuart and Frank®, outlines the lives of two fictional individuals who have the same opportunities as they embark on their lives. It depicts two very contrasting outcomes for them both despite their similar circumstances. Stuart does very well while Frank achieves modest results at best.

Browning uses these two individuals to outline to us how our thoughts become feelings, the way feelings influence our actions, and our actions dictate the quality of our results.

The book outlines the factors that can influence our thoughts and provides suggestions for success. The book contains two parts. Part One details the lives of Stuart and Frank® and analyses how their lives change through the lifecycle of growing up to old age and, ultimately, death whilst concentrating on the internal and external factors that influence their thoughts and actions. Part Two outlines how the reader can get the results they really want in any aspect of their own life. It analyses how we all think, how we use our five physical senses to perceive the world we live in and finally what we can do to influence the way we think. Consequently, the reader can enjoy a happier and better quality of life from the results they achieve.

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About the author

Paul Browning is a successful entrepreneur, a personal coach, corporate coach, a professional speaker and a published author. Paul has trained with some of the best and highest paid coaches in the world today and he is part of a global coaching company that has coaches in over 25 countries around the world. He lives in the Scottish Highlands with his wife Diane, and now devotes his life to studying human behaviour and helping individuals to achieve their potential.

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In this wonderful journey we all refer to as life, once in a while we meet a person who makes a difference in the direction we were going, someone who steers us on a different path. Perhaps as you read this, you can recall someone just like that. They may have been your teacher, or a work colleague, or just simply someone who made your day feel good.

It has been my privilege and honour to meet and work closely with such a person – the author, Paul Browning.

His abundant enthusiasm for life and positive energy is infectious and as you read this book you will be revitalised, renewed and ready to look at the world with a vibrant and go – get attitude, armed with the mental tools to realise your full potential.

You have just picked up a compass to point you in the right direction. All you have to do to stay on course – is keep on reading it!

Alan Sutherland
Typesetter & Publisher

This is one of the best self-help reads that I have ever come across. I have an avid interest in psychology and once even went as far as taking an elementary course in it, and I feel that you have, with Stuart and Frank®, hit upon an ideal way to put across the immense power of proper thinking. I think that most publishers would seriously consider taking it on as it would no doubt attract a large enough readership. Congratulations and the best of luck with it.

Colin Sutherland
Former Chief Inspector of Police, Scotland

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